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Making Irish homes wonderful with green home cooling, heating & air health solutions.

We are a crew of Air conditioning engineers with over 30 years experience in the industry. We have seen the demand for domestic AC spike in the last 5 years due to the rise in airtight construction, rising summer temperatures, increased home glazing and solar gain as well as the increase in home remodeling where current heating systems can’t cope with the additional demand.

We apply industrial and commercial standards in your home working to the highest certifications and insurances.

AC technology itself has changed so much from its original offering of cooling, or heating. The air health technology is truly groundbreaking. Client’s with respiratory issues are thrilled with the improvement to the air quality in their homes.

In Ireland today, Air conditioning is not as accessible, or well known as other fossil fuel heating alternatives. We felt that if we could educate people on the benefits (environmental, health and financial), and disclose pricing and installation, we could give Irish homeowners the ability to make an informed decision regarding their home climate and air quality.

With domestic carbon levies on the horizon, there is a greater shift towards alternative heat sources. Air to air heat pumps (the technology of Air Conditioning), is ideal in our mild Irish climate and not only uses green energy (electricity) but is more efficient than its fossil fuel counterparts. It is a win for us, the client and the environment.

The great thing about this business however, is that Air Conditioning greatly improves the quality of our homes, at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating systems, and with the new R32 refrigerants its environmental impact is minimal. The more homes adopt Air conditioning, the better we all are. It fuels our ambition.

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Art of Air Values

Be Clear, Upfront and transparent
We believe in making home climate accessible to all. We give our customers all the information and support needed to choose the best solution to meet their needs. This includes transparency & clear information around pricing, installation and upkeep.
Make it affordable
With our upfront pricing and comprehensive pricing, we make AC an affordable home heating and cooling solution. Then we went one step further to make it even more accessible to all. We have partnered with Flexfi to give our customers access to a monthly payment scheme. Want AC now but rather spread your payment rather than pay upfront -No problem.
Leave no trace
We respect the home. We bring industrial installation standards to the residential market on every site visit. We clean as we go, wear clean protective covers on our feet, and remove all waste and debris. This is white glove service in your home.
Only fit for purpose; no upselling
It doesn’t always follow that the most sophisticated or most expensive solution will match your requirements. We go with the solution that is most fit for purpose and still gives you longevity. Sometimes this is a bigger unit, for a smaller space with lower running costs, or a unit for air purification to support premium air health. Whatever your AC need, we will match not magnify.

Art of Art installations are guaranteed for 2 years. We also service and repair other companies installations

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