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AC for Irish homes

Written by Derek Callinan. 21st July 2019

Air conditioning is often considered a cooling solution only, and useful only in warmer climates. We come into contact regularly with AC in hotels, and in many cases this experience isn’t always positive due to industrial sized solutions dominating the room and what it requires.

 Air Con for Irish homes

AC has become more technologically advanced in recent years, driven by contemporary living standards (remote smartphone control) , greater demand for greener solutions. Being an AIR based solution, manufacturer’s seized the opportunity to explore AIR purification & optimize the air quality conditions for consumers. Though these advances were powered largely by the wider industry and corporate solutions, their scaled installations within homes benefited from this investment and advancement. 

So its green, using an air to air source heat pump, its technology rich, it heats and cools and cleans your air, but is it really a solution for heating Irish homes? We know so, and the growing rate of adoption, confirms our suspicions.

What is Air to Air?

Air to Air is the pumping of external air through an external compressor turning it from the external temperature to the desired temperature. Air to air means using a heat pump to heat or cool your home. Rather than radiators or underfloor heating, air is pumped through air vents or an air conditioning unit.

Is AC a good investment? 

You can get a €600 euro grant for an AC solution through the SEAI. Cheapest of all the heat pumps, coupled with its energy efficiency, available grant and knock on cost savings the air to air heat pumps provide the quickest return on your investment.

What is driving this rise in popularity?

In short, people want more from their heating solutions at no extra cost, and frugal to run. Also, our mild climate makes Air to Air incredibly efficient, as it exploits external temperatures to generate power to heat or cool the home making it incredibly environmentally friendly. As there is a growing threats to our planet, and the proposal of carbon levies on fossil fuel consumption of up to 30% makes Air to Air /  AC very attractive to Irish home owners. 

Couple this with the simplicity of retrofitting AC into your home or building a dynamic, varied solution into your new home, and you’ll wonder why you ever considered anything else!

Do Irish homes really need to be cooled? 

Oh yes! Contemporary building regulations demand hyper levels of insulation, airtightness, solar gain through large sections of glazing and lowest u-values to stop heat loss through these large glazing sections. In short, contemporary homes, (homes from the mid noughties) have become a bit of a challenge in our new  Irish summer. Read also Wonderful in winter but baking in the summer months, how AC can help to cool your air tight home.