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How to get an ultimate peace of mind

For continued comfort and efficient operation, Air conditioning benefits from regular servicing. Air con units that go unserviced result in degraded operation and ultimately greater than necessary energy consumption (of up to 15% more).

Therefore not only does servicing makes sense it saves you money on your energy bills.

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Efficient working and lower running costs

Clean Air

Future proof against issues

What is in an Art of Air Service

Service is booked in for pre arranged date where our onsite engineer will discuss any issue that the customer may have been having with system. Before servicing commences our staff will remove any delicate items from area and cover any immovable objects to protect the area being worked in. The following steps will be taken:

  • Your AC engineer will strip all unit covers.
  • All exposed coils will be sprayed with Enviro Coil cleaner to remove bacteria,dust and mould.
  • After the coils have been sterilised these will be flushed through with water so that all cleaner is removed.
  • Drain, pans and condensate drains will be flushed through to prevent any odours occurring.
  • Tighten all electrical on indoor and outdoor units.
  • Leak test pipework for any refrigerant leaks.
  • Replace all unit covers and carry out full heat and cool test.
  • Record all temperatures, pressures and amperages which wil be attached to service report.
  • On completion of tests remove all protective covers and return moved items to original locations.
  • Discuss works carried out with client and advise them on the condition of their system.
  • Customer survey fill out.


How often should you get it serviced?

An annual service is advised to keep the system unit in good working order. We advise our customers to take out one of our service contracts which are designed to help prevent unexpected breakdowns and accidents.


These are possible extras on top of servicing if required, but do not occur as standard.

  • Refrigerant Top up…… €80.
  • System Deep Clean…. €70
We can service anyone's AC units even if we didn't install or supplier them

Service Packages

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