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Some care guidelines for your AC unit

Written by Derek Callinan. 22nd July 2019

Here are some simple things to keep your unit ticking over between servicing…

Make sure the external pump is clear

There’s not much you can do at the outdoor except to make sure the area and fins have free air flow and leaves and such are removed but be careful as the fins are quite sharp and could cut someone.

Here are some simple things to keep your air conditioning unit ticking over between servicing…

Helpful tips for cleaning your air conditioning unit 

Your air conditioning unit works by circulating conditioned air throughout your room. There is a filter to each indoor unit which gathers and dust or air particles that pass through it improving the air quality in your room. These filters will become clogged over time and reduce the airflow through your room and increase running cost because it will take longer to reach your required room temperature.

Cleaning these filters couldn’t be easier and we’ll give you a demonstration when we are installing your new unit, but here’s some step by step reminder of what we were going on about .

We would recommend this is done at least twice a year you’ll usually find after Christmas they will be dirty because of all the decorations coming down and again is spring when we start shaking out the cobwebs.

If you mostly run your unit in heating mode it’s a good idea to switch it over to cooling mode every so often to flush down it coil ( if fact this is also useful to do in your car’s air conditioning during the winter months as it lubricants the engine seals and prevents refrigerant /gas leaks so come spring your vehicles AC is working)

How to Clean your filters 

Hi wall /floor units

  1. Power down unit
  2. Whilst looking at the unit place both your hands either side of it
  3. You’ll feel a clip there 
  4. Simple pull on these clips out and up until the grill locks in the up position 
  5. You’ll see two filters in front of you 
  6. Using the handle on the clip pull out the filters 
  7. Vacuum or wash out the filter and leave to dry chemical cleaning products shouldn’t be used
  8. Slip filters back into position 
  9. Close down front grill 
  10. Power back-up unit

Well done now have a well deserved cuppa 🙂

Ducted units

A ducted unit is more difficult to clean simply because you’ll probably have the climb into your attic to get at it. So if possible volunteer somebody else to do it, advising them to be careful where they step and mind their head,

Once there at the unit simply remove filter and clean using the steps above.