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What happens if my survey spots something?

Written by Derek Callinan. 8th June 2019

So you’ve ordered your AC product (s), the survey appointment has been made and the engineer arrives on site. The engineer is there to make sure and certain that;

  1. the product is fit for purpose,
  2. the installation is standard and as you would hope in terms of positioning of the unit and the discretion of the pipework,
  3. and that there are no physical barriers that would obscure the unit, pipework or external air source heat pump.

If an issue does arise, your engineer will discuss this in detail with you, disclosing where the issue is, and how this issue can be overcome.

If there is a price difference, or product difference, or installation difference this will be clearly detailed to you. At which point, you may wish to think about it or cancel your order, or accept the change to the solution. If the alternative solution offered is more, you can pay the difference, if less, we will refund you the difference. It is entirely your decision, you are in complete control and our aim is to be as clear, transparent and supportive as possible.